Jane Eyre's Scrapbook

Unveiling the artistic talents of a literary icon

Words from my Dear Readers - genuine FIVE STAR reviews.
Julie Rose

Jane Eyre's Scrapbook is such a beautiful book. It includes sketches and paintings described in Charlotte’s novel, along with assorted memorabilia from Jane Eyre’s life and newly imagined watercolours and drawings by Jane Rochester.
A must for all Jane Eyre lovers 💝
Julie is the creator of the amazing The Miniature Brontë Parsonage, pictured below right
Julie's photo of her copy
Julie's photo of her copy
Julie's amazing Miniature Brontë Parsonage
Julie's amazing Miniature Brontë Parsonage
Andrea Heingarten

My compliments on such a beautiful companion piece to "Jane Eyre." It's stunning. it's now shelved with my copy of the novel. I couldn't pass up the chance to tell you how much I enjoyed it. My husband is an independent author, so I know how much feedback means.  
Wishing you continued success.

I JUST got this and I have to say, this is the one of loveliest piece of art I have encountered. It made me fall back in love with a book I'm already quite obsessed with. Thank you so much for it!
Image from a customer of Jane Eyre's scrapbook
Mr Thomas C E Robinson
Review title: Creative Genius
This is a beautiful book and a must have for all Brontë lovers. We get an insight into Jane’s life behind the scenes through some wonderful recollections and illustrations. A lovely gift for anyone with an interest in the classics. Genuine thanks to the author.
Mary Hickey, Author

Jane Eyre’s Scrapbook makes a great companion volume for both current and distant-past readers of that original YA novel, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. It includes a plausible explanation of how Jane’s memorabilia escaped the fire, beautiful representations of her letters and artwork, and reproductions of pictures she collected through the years. The production values of this book are superb. Highly recommended!
Clare Baggaley
Review Title: All fans of Charlotte Brontë NEED this book!
I've never seen such a unique and beautiful book, it's incredible. It is wonderfully written, illustrated and the print is stunning. So rich in detail, every page lavished with detail and art. The author Patricia Moffett must have spent years creating this.
A MUST buy for any Charlotte Brontë fans, this is the best present you could give them.
Caroline Henderson
I'm so excited to be curling up with this lovely book.
Image from a customer of Jane Eyre's scrapbook
Anne Cain

I’ve just received this beautiful book.  I really have no words it’s absolutely breathtakingly beautiful,  I have to say mum and I shed a tear.  I just love the little added things I'm sure I will find more as I walk through the pages.  I'm loving where at the beginning she wrote Jane Eyre and crossed Eyre out to put Rochester.
Edwin Charles, Author
Review Title: A must-have for all classic literature lovers!

Edwin Charles, Author, is loving this beautifully illustrated and creative book Jane Eyres Scrap Book.
I’m loving the imaginative take on her life after leaving Edward Rochester at the altar and the snippets and insights into her life as a mother and wife.
Image from a customer of Jane Eyre's scrapbook
Review Title: Beautiful!
Just received this book and it’s SOOO PRETTY! Wonderful addition to my Bronte collection!!
It would make a beautiful gift too!

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