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One of the things I've enjoyed most about making Jane Eyre's Scrapbook, has been the conversations with fellow fans. Now the book is live, I don't want it to end!
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Book Reviews
When I work I listen to audio books as my eyes are busy. Long days at the drawing board and being a member of our village book group means I get through quite a lot of tales. Some of these are stories written around Jane Eyre, or have elements in them that remind me of Charlotte Brontë's story. From now on, when that happens, I'll be collecting them as reviews here.

Thornfield Hall 
There is wealth of companion and continuation fiction around Jane Eyre, and I'm working my way through them all!
This is my favourite so far. It's Superbly crafted, it's accurate to the original plot - yet my toes curled in delight at the additional characters (would be a spoiler to say who, here). The working-in of the meaning behind the sinister barking laugh, that Grace Pool often emits, is a piece of genius.
Cover image of Jane Stubbs Thornfield Hall
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