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Hello my Dear Reader - thank you for stopping by to find out a little more about me and how I came to be a book-maker and colouring-in person.
Well, I was one of those fortunate people who always knew exactly what they wanted to do for a living. Having got a place on an illustration course at 15, I spent the rest of my school days looking out of the window, until I could start.
The colouring-in courses continued with a 1st class degree in Graphic Design in the mid 1980s, and a Masters in Fine Art in the early 21st century.
I have absolutely loved having a career in publishing for the last 34 years.
As a designer I worked in-house for Pearson Longman and Oxford University Press, whilst working on a freelance basis as a designer and illustrator for major publishers.
One of the nicest things about publishing has to be the people who work in the industry - I've made such good friends along the way. One of my favourite books to work on in that respect was Fairies, for Carlton Books. The joy must have been obvious in the work as the title reprinted over 19 times internationally, and made hundreds of thousands in sales.
I also love working directly with authors, bringing their stories into publication, with cover art and text design. If you're writing a book that you might like to work with me on, I can be found HERE.
Work happens at home between the mountains and the sea in Snowdonia, north Wales. The landscape is ancient and soaked in myth, and the ever-changing light is a constant inspiration in my work. 
Two shaggy dogs act as personal trainers making sure we get out under those skies. We live in a tiny former chapel, which my husband has been making in to our home - he's a blackbelt in Extreme DIY!
I have been commissioned as author of many Craft and Activity titles for co-edition publishers. When it came to writing Wall Art, no surface at home was safe from exploration. From this title, you'll see below the copper effect wall in our living room made with wax and mica powders. The paper craft titles have also provided years of practice in removing confetti-like offcuts, from between the floorboards, with tweezers.
Jane Eyre’s Scrapbook is my first title to be produced under Patricia Moffett Books. There are three more titles in progress which will be published in 2023.
Collage of images about the author Patricia Moffett
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